Orientation and Training - Orientation and Training Kenny...

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Orientation and Training Kenny Goodman MGT/210 11/11/2011 Ian Fraigun
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Orientation and Training is important to any company that wants to be well-run and to be at its most efficient. Orientation is there to introduce a new employee to the job and to help them get use to the idea of working there. Orientation is there to help organize new workers and to give a more welcome feeling to them. Training is what is used to teach a new employee how to do his or her job. An effective employee orientation and training plan will be efficient and yet flexible, it forms an integral part of retaining good employees and managing performance. Without an Orientation and Training plan we will have a decrease in productivity, an increase in confusion, and we will not be able to provide satisfaction to either the employee or to the supervisor. The value of an Orientation and Training Plan needs to be understood by organizations in order to have long-term profitability. Orientation Whenever someone starts a new job or place of work, they will automatically feel nervous or anxious and will need help getting started. A company needs to take the time to show they care about their workers. Orientation is used to help new employees to feel more at “home.” While orientation is going on, new employee's need to be given all the information they need at one time: any documents they may need, need to be shown how things run in the company, and definitely need to be shown that they are part of a family. They should be apprised of all benefits and privileges that they are entitled to, as well as being shown all rules that govern employee behavior. New employee's should be shown around the premises of the factory, where any and all processes should be shown and explained to them. This includes all work and non-work related processes, such as an emergency process, employee's must know not only what job they are doing, but also where the fire exits are and the evacuation routines the company. New employee's should be introduced to already existing employee's, this way they can take the time to get to know one another and to see who they will be working with over time. This will allow for smoother integration of new employee's into the work environment. Orientation Plan:
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Orientation and Training - Orientation and Training Kenny...

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