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extra credit map IDs - Countries India Sri lanka Pakistan...

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Map IDs for extra credit mapwork South East Asia Physical features Andaman Sea South China sea Java Sea Khorat Plateau Gulf of Thailand Celebes sea Cities Bangkok Singapore Manila Kuala Lumpur Jakarta Ho Chi Min City Hanoi Mandalay Countries Brunei Philippines Malaysia Laos Cambodia Singapore Thailand Indonesia Burma (Myanmar) Vietnam Islands Spratly islands Bali Borneo Java Mindanao Sumatra Timor _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ South Asia Physical Andaman Sea Western Ghats Eastern Ghats Himalayas Aravalli range Bay of Bengal Deccan plateau Indian Ocean Karakoram range Thar desert Palk strait Sundarbans Arabian Sea Cities Delhi Mumbai Chennai Kolkata Islamabad Karachi Bengaluru (Bangalore) Thimpu Kathmandu Dhaka Male Colombo Andaman and Nicobar Islands Lakshadweep
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Unformatted text preview: Countries India Sri lanka Pakistan Bangladesh Bhutan Nepal Maldives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- East Asia Physical Features East China Sea Gobi desert Himalayas Tibetan Plateau Huang he river Yangtze river Pacific Ocean Sea of Japan South China Sea Yellow Sea Taklamakan desert Kanto plain Nobi plain Kansai plain Loess plateau North China plain Sichuan basin Manchuria Cities Beijing Urumqi Nagoya Xinjiang (autonomous areas) Tibet (autonomous areas) Lhasa Taipei Shanghai Hong Kong Guangzhou Kyoto Hiroshima Kobe Seoul Tokyo Osaka Pyongyang Macao Countries China North Korea South Korea Taiwan Japan ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
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extra credit map IDs - Countries India Sri lanka Pakistan...

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