Chap 8 - Learning Objectives Geography of Global Village...

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10/14/2011 1 Geography of Global Village Europe GEOG 202-509 Learning Objectives Learn about Europe’s environment and its role in Global Environment Learn about its decreasing population growth and immigration threat Understand the nationalism that has thrown the region into armed conflict many times Understand the formation of the European Union and the evolution of a common currency, the euro Understand these concepts and models: – Buffer Zone – Cold War – European Union – Fjord – Guest Workers – Iron Curtain – Schengen Agreement – Secularization Introduction Latitudinal extent (from Arctic to Mediterranean subtropics) Complex geology with newest and oldest formations Surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea and Aegean Sea (South), Atlantic Ocean (West) and Norwegian Sea, North Sea and Baltic Sea (North) 41 different countries, with diverse languages and cultures Long history of warfare (World War I and II; Cold War) Europe is globalizing, was a major colonial power Cradle of the Industrial Revolution European Union, a supranational, unifying organization Physical Environment European Lowland (North European Plain) Major rivers, high population density, major cities, agriculture, industry, major ports North of Rhine River - Glaciated north – Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Poland - unfertile South of Rhine River - Unglaciated south – Belgium and France - agriculturally fertile Alpine System E-W mountains: Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians Central Uplands Between Alps & Lowland; iron, coal, raw materials Physical Environment W Highlands Oldest mountains Portugal, British Isles, Scandinavia; fjords Shield : old rock, thin soils Ring of Seas : Baltic Sea, North Sea, English Channel, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea Black Sea has fisheries, oil, natural gas Rivers and Ports Navigable; ships; canals for barges
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10/14/2011 2 Environmental Issues Dutch Coastline Polders: protected and reclaimed (from sea) landscapes in Lowland Dikes, windmills, pumps prevent flooding Begin in C10…through Zuider Zee in C20 Rising sea levels? Environmental issues Thousands of years of human settlement + industrial manufacturing b air and water pollution, acid rain Environmental politics Post 1970s pro-environment policies in W Europe Voters support “green” parties and global issues Reduction in Greenhouse gases Eastern Europe Soviet economics and politics…toxic legacy? Soviet-designed nuclear plants - Chernobyl
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Chap 8 - Learning Objectives Geography of Global Village...

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