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Lesson Modification Plan - Lesson Modification Plan 1.)...

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Lesson Modification Plan 1.) Class introduction Second grade general education classroom: 60 minute exercise. There is a total of thirty students in the classroom, 17 girls and 13 boys. The class is being conducted at Nankin Mills Elementary School, located in Livonia Michigan. The Majority of students are Caucasian, most students are from a middle class family. Timeline -15 minutes- I will review the twenty-four vocabulary words. -10 minutes- The students will create their bingo cards. - 20 minutes- The bingo review game will be played. - 15 minutes- A test is given to the students including fifteen of the twenty-four vocabulary words in a matching format. 2.) Objectives The lesson is given on a Friday, it is a review and test on vocabulary words learned, Monday through Thursday of the week. The Vocabulary words include; busy, grown, silly, above, buy, family, crawl, slow, minute, dough, relative, new, knit, strange, argue, local, couple, weather, mouthful, barbecue, finally, disappear, delicious, and biscuit. My objective is that by the end of the period students have a full understand for the twenty-four vocabulary words, and will be able to get at least a B on the test. It will be part lecture when reviewing the definitions of the vocabulary words. Part hands-on when creating the bingo game and part group activity when playing the bingo game for the final review of the words. Lastly, the student will be on their own when testing on the vocabulary words. Materials needed: plane piece of paper, crayons, highlighters, and pencil. -15 minutes- I review the twenty-four vocabulary words that I taught throughout the week. I will do so by re-defining each word, showing a picture or an example, and using each word in a sentence. - 10 minutes- each student creates a bingo card, by dividing a plain piece of paper into five equal rows and columns, putting a free space in the center box. Each student writes with crayon one of the twenty-four words in each box. - 20 minutes- The bingo game is played. I, the teacher have all of the vocabulary words on folded pieces of paper in a jar. I pull a strip out and read the definition, checking the word off my list. The students highlight the word that matches the definition. The first child that creates a highlighted row down, across or diagonal wins, and gets a prize. The game
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is played until all vocabulary words are used giving other students a chance to BINGO! - 15 minutes- A test is given a test including fifteen of the twenty-four vocabulary words. The student needs to match each word on one side of the paper, with the definition on the opposite side of the paper. The goal is for the average of the classroom to get twelve out of fifteen of the vocabulary words on the test correct. 3.) Description
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Lesson Modification Plan - Lesson Modification Plan 1.)...

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