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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 4: 09/15/11 note: text in red refers to the textbook, 9th edition extended. 1. Definitions of position, velocity and acceleration in 2D – sections 4-1 to 4-4 2. Unit vectors - sections 3-5 and 3-6 Unit vectors are just for mathematical convenience and help you write two equations (one for each component) as one 3. Projectile motion – section 4-5 Projectile motion is the special case of motion in 2D where the acceleration is constant and has the form ⃗ ̂ ̂ The reason for the – sign is that by convention we assume that the direction of increasing y is pointing away from the center of the earth 4. Projectile motion analyzed - section 4-6 5. Uniform circular motion – section 4-7 Uniform circular motion is the special case of motion in 2D where a particle moves with constant speed around a circle. The position of a particle can be described as: ⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗ ̂ ̂ The magnitude of is R ( a constant) as can be checked by The velocity and acceleration can be obtained by taking derivatives of the position: ⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗ ̂ ̂ ⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗ ̂ ̂ With their magnitudes similarly given by ⁄ ...
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