Pysch. ch9 10-19 - 10-19-06 Psy 101 Chapter 9 Intelligence:...

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Unformatted text preview: 10-19-06 Psy 101 Chapter 9 Intelligence: Ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations. Aspects of Intelligence: Verbal Ability Logical Ability Mathematical Ability Adaptability Related Concepts: Aptitude: The ability to learn an area or skill. Aptitude Test: A test designed to predict a persons future performance. Aptitude is the capacity to learn. Achievement: How much you have learned. School Performance: GPA? Potential : Someones estimate of your future achievement level. Skill: The level at which you demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. Theories of Intelligence: One or many? General or specific? General Intelligence (g): Factor that Spearman and others believed underlies specific mental abilities. Measured by every task on an intelligence test. Specific Intelligence: Unique intelligence specific to a particular area. Uncorrelated to other specific intelligences. If more than one type of intelligence, how many? Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence: Fluid Intelligence : ability to learn new information and new ways of thinking. How you figure out something absolutely new to you. Very important early on in life. Crystallized Intelligence: Amount of knowledge and information. This increases as you age, with the more you experience, and learn. Continues to grow throughout your life.Continues to grow throughout your life....
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Pysch. ch9 10-19 - 10-19-06 Psy 101 Chapter 9 Intelligence:...

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