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Facult6 de g6nie G6nie m6canique Final Examination 7 December 2007 Profs. Flallett and Skaff rA tml Ottawa L r_niKii!c canld'cw C.-od!\ dr \ca ry GNG TIO5. ENGINEERING I\{ECHANICS Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Time: 3 hours Page I of3 Closed Book. Non-programmable calculators only allorved. Free-body diagrams must be drawn wherever appropriate. Marks will be deducted for missing or incorrect free-body diagrams. At the end ofthe exam, when time is up, stop working and close your exam booklet. Do not move or speak until all exams have been picked up and the proctor tells you that you may leave. l, ( l2 marks total) The inclined plate shown in the sketch is supported by two hinges, B and C, attached to a vertical wall, and by a cable AD which exerts a force P = L72 kN at point A. The cable anchor, point D, lies in the y - z plane. Hinge B can act as a thrust bearing, but C cannot. The weight of the plate acts at its centre G. (a) (4 marks) Write the force P as vector components. (b) (8 marks) Determine the weight of the plate and the reactions at hinge C. 2. (12 marks total) The truss shown is supported by a pinjoint at H and a vertical link a1 A. It is loaded by forces P = 20 kN and Q: 8 kN. All joints are frictionless pins. (a) (2 marks) Determine the reactions at the supports. (b) (8 marks) Find the forces in members BC, FC, and FG using the method of sections. Specify in each case whether the member is in compression or tension. Note: a solution by the method of joints will get a mark of zero (0). (c) (2 marks) Identiff all zero force members in this truss under the loading shou,n.
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GNG II05 - ENGINEERING MECHANICS Final Examination 7 December 2007 Profs. Hallett and Skaff Time: 3 hours Page 2 of 3 3. ( 12 marks total) The mechanism shown
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RelativeResourceManager - rA tml Facult6 de g6nie G6nie...

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