Ch4 ws study group - Show electrophile and nucleophile What...

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Chapter 4 Define : Electrophile: Nucleophile: Bimolecular Nucleophilic Substitution: (SN2) Give an ezample of this reaction Show the electrophile and nucleophile Draw the reaction mechanism Which is the leaving group Is there a spectator ion? What is a spectator ion? Draw the Energy Diagram for this reaction What is the transition state? Draw it Label the axis Label the reactant and product Show where the Gibbs Free Energy is Show where the activation energy is
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How is the rate of reaction affected by: Temperature: Activation Energy: Concentration of Reactants: Spatial Effect (hindrance): Electrophillic Addition Reaction: Give an example of this reaction
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Unformatted text preview: Show electrophile and nucleophile What is a carbocation Draw the possible carbocations for your reaction, label primary, secondary or terciary Which one is favored, why? Draw the reaction mechanism Draw energy diagram Where are the transition states Where is the intermediate What is the difference between a reaction state and intermediate? Draw intermediate and transition states Label axis What is a rate determining step, label it Show Gibbs Free energy and activation energy Factors Affecting Stability of Carbocation: Resonance: Markovnikovs Rule: What is it: What is a regioisomer:...
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Ch4 ws study group - Show electrophile and nucleophile What...

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