10_32_ps4 - 10.32 Spring 2005 Problem Set 4 Due Friday,...

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10.32 Spring 2005 Problem Set 4 Due Friday, April 22, 2005 In class we have been looking at an ultrafiltration system for producing a protein product from the waste whey solution at a cheese plant. The whey produced from the manufacture of cheese is an aqueous solution containing the following solutes: Solute Weight (percent) True protein (TP) 0.6 Non-protein nitrogen NPN 0.3 Lactose 4.9 Ash 0.8 Butterfat 0.05 The current plant generates 10 6 pounds/day of whey solution that is currently dried by evaporation, and subsequent spray drying, to a product containing 13.5 percent protein (total of true protein and NPN). This product is sold for $0.15/pound as animal feed. We are interested in making a protein product that contains a much higher percentage of protein. The current market for protein products is $0.65/pound for 35 percent protein and $1.50/pound for 50 percent protein. The lower amounts of lactose (higher level of protein) make the dry product more acceptable for human consumption. It may be possible to make even more money by concentrating the protein. The higher concentration of protein can be achieved by ultrafiltration of the whey solution to separate lactose from the protein prior to drying. The membrane we are considering passes lactose and ash but rejects protein and fat. The rejection coefficients are: Component _R_ Protein 0.96 NPN 0.4 Lactose 0.09 Ash 0.15 Butterfat 0.99 The rejection coefficient is defined as c p C C 1 R = (
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10_32_ps4 - 10.32 Spring 2005 Problem Set 4 Due Friday,...

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