final_exam (2) - Final Exam IAP Part A Sustainable Energy

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Final Exam IAP Part A: Sustainable Energy 10.391J/22.811J/ESD166J/11.371J/1.818J/3.564J/2.65J Part 1(in class): due Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 4:30pm Part 2 (take home): must be turned in electronically by noon on Saturday, January 27, 2007 Note that each part of the exam is worth 100 points making the total 200 points. You must work independently on both parts with no collaboration with others. However, use of the class textbook is permitted for part 1 (in class). For Part 2 (take home) use of all written and electronic materials including the web is permitted. Please use one blue book per question. Part 1: In class analytical problems -- 100 points total 1. (60 points) Renewable energy sources are often viewed as inexhaustible, non-depletable and essentially “emissions-free” and therefore very attractive as alternatives to fossil and nuclear energy. Let’s consider a possible hydropower solution to meet long-term U.S. electricity supply needs. As a replacement for coal-fired base load capacity, assume that U.S. hydro capacity could grow to provide 500 GWe from its current level of about 70 GWe. (a) How many tons of carbon dioxide emissions would be offset annually? (b) Assuming reservoirs 50 ft deep on average with an average elevation gain of 500 ft could be
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final_exam (2) - Final Exam IAP Part A Sustainable Energy

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