ps1_biomass - 10.393J/22.812J SUSTAINABLE ENERGY MODULES...

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10.393J/22.812J/ … SUSTAINABLE ENERGY MODULES Biomass Module Problem Set Due February 22, 2007 1. Problem 10.1 in the textbook 2. Problem 10.2 in the textbook 3. Let’s see if it makes sense for a major US city to utilize its municipal solid waste (MSW) as a sustainable biomass feedstock. Using Chicago as a model Midwestern US city where the average citizen produces MSW, how much bioenergy can be recovered from the entire population of the city? Compare this figure with the amount of bioenergy that could be produced by growing high yield “energy crops” on a portion of Illinois’ vacant farmland – amounting to 10% of total land area of the state. Population of Chicago = 2.873 million Land Area of Illinois = 57,918 square miles 4. Assuming that the stored chemical energy content of pure ethanol is about 30 MJ/kg based on its standard heat of combustion, you are asked to make an estimate of the net energy produced by two ethanol biofuel processes that utilize different feedstocks to used in same biorefinery. The following data are provided
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ps1_biomass - 10.393J/22.812J SUSTAINABLE ENERGY MODULES...

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