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Draft 3/12/05 JWT SUSTAINABLE ENERGY Spring 2005 1.818J/2.65J/3.564J/10.391J/11.371J/22.811J/ESD166J PROBLEM SET #5 Due March 31, 2005 In answering the questions below please clearly state and justify all assumptions made 1. Lead-acid batteries come at a price. Estimate the weight of lead-acid batteries that you would need to carry on board a fully electric car to have a range of 200 miles without having to recharge. You can assume that the minimum power needed to drive the vehicle safely is about 50 hp for speeds up to 60 mph. 2 Pumped hydro energy storage. Consider a pumped hydro system that is used for energy storage. During off-peak hours, excess electricity is used to pump water up to a storage reservoir. During peak demand periods the flow is reversed and electric power is generated by flowing the water thru a hydraulic turbine. Estimate the theoretical energy and power density of the system that stores water during the times that power is generated. The storage reservoir is 100 m above
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pset5 - Draft 3/12/05 JWT...

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