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Draft 3/12/05 JWT SUSTAINABLE ENERGY Spring 2005 1.818J/2.65J/3.564J/10.391J/11.371J/22.811J/ESD166J PROBLEM SET #6 Due April 7, 2005 In reference to the topics covered in Chapter 10 of our text: 1. Managing forests for bioenergy. The United States has a lot of federally owned land. Unfortunately, uncontrolled natural forest fires destroy large areas in the Western US every summer. Last year alone about 1,000,000 acres of standing timber in National forests were consumed. Some consideration is being given to improved management practices that could produce electric power from residual forest thinnings. Estimate the lost energy content of burned US forests during 2002. Assuming the US average electricity demand load is about 300,000 MWe, how much forested land would be needed to produce all the country’s power? Is this a sustainable alternative? A few facts to consider: (i) the total forested area on US Federal lands in the lower 48 states is about 600 million acres with a standing stock density of about 100 dry metric tonnes of wood per acre
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