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10.391J/22.811J/ESD166J/11.371J/1.818J/3.564J Sustainable Energy Spring 2005 Sample Term Paper Topics These are a few suggestions to stimulate your creativity. Please discuss your ideas for a term paper with one of us before you submit your choice on February 24. 1. What can policy instruments do for increasing the deployment of renewable energy in the US (or the world)? 2. Geothermal energy – how can universal heat mining be achieved? 3. Wind energy technology: Lessons learned from Altamont Pass, California, and Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts. 4. PURPA: Lessons learned in the promotion of alternative energy. 5. Alaskan oil exploration and production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR): Is it worth it? 6. Energy storage: Technology opportunities and their integration into interruptible renewable energy sources. 7. Distributed energy generation – is it the way of the future? 8. Is a zero net energy building a realistic sustainable goal?
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