hw_3_addendum - 22.313 Homework on channel instability in...

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22.313 - Homework on channel instability in heated laminar helium flow One of the major challenges of gas cooled fast reactors is removal of the decay heat from the core after a large loss of coolant accident. One of the Generation IV concepts with helium coolant uses a passive decay heat removal system, which employs a water-cooled heat exchanger above the low-pressure drop core enclosed in a guard containment, as shown in Figure 1. In case of loss of coolant from the primary system, an equilibrium pressure between the primary system and the containment is reached and natural circulation of helium at the backup containment pressure ensues. However, in this situation the helium velocity in the core channels is small, resulting in laminar flow and core temperatures are high, in excess of 1000 ° C. Figure 1 Schematic of passive decay heat removal Emergency cooling Heat Exchanger reflector Core Hexagonal blocks with coolant channels Guard containment Water cooling Reactor vessel Computer code simulations predicted that, once the helium core outlet temperature exceeds 1200 ° C, the channels start to overheat rapidly. The designer suspects that
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Ledinegg type-instabilities may be at work. Your task is to perform an analysis of the
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hw_3_addendum - 22.313 Homework on channel instability in...

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