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week3seminareu_law - 7 What is the role and function of...

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Law for Surveyors SUR104J2 Lecture Week Two ~ Topic European Law Seminar Week Three Seminar Questions 1 European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) - When was it created? - Member states? - Aims? 2 What events led to the creation of European Community? 3 What countries were involved in the setting up of the ECSC? 4 Which Treaty created the European Economic Community (EEC)? 5 Name the main institutions of the European Union and briefly explain their role and influence
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Unformatted text preview: 7 What is the role and function of the European Court of Justice? 8 What effect if any, does the European Court of Justice have upon our legal system? 9 Explain the purpose of Art 234? 10 Cite the main sources of EU law? 11 Discuss the significance of each source of law and the extent of their effect upon our legal system...
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