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Andrew Cheng Christin Freyer English 125.012 12 February 2008 Other Problems With Verbs (Hacker 171-186) I.) Irregular Verbs a. All main verbs have 5 forms (except the verb “be”) Regular Irregular i. Base form- walk ride ii. Past Tense- walked rode iii. Past Participle- walked ridden iv. Present participle- walking riding v. –S form- walks rides b. past tense occurs alone but when using the past participle, you need a helping verb…correct the following examples i. ex.) Yesterday we seen an unidentified flying object. ii. Ex.) By Friday, the stock market had fell two hundred points. c. There is a HUGE list of irregular verbs on pages 173-176 and you just have to MEMORIZE them (or consult the list when needed)! II.) Lie V.S. Lay a. Lie: to recline or rest on a surface ….intransitive verb NO direct object b. Lay: to put or place something ….transitive verb and TAKES direct object Base Form past tense past participle present participle lie lay lain lying lay laid laid laying c. Wrong Ex.) Sara was so exhausted that she laid down for a nap. d. Wrong Ex.) The patient had laid in an uncomfortable position all night. III.) Use –s (or –es) endings on present-tense verbs that have third person singular subjects a. Ex.) Sulfur dioxide turn s leaves yellow, dissolve s marble, and eat s away iron and steel. b.
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Hacker presentation - Andrew Cheng Christin Freyer English...

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