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10.40 Thermodynamics Fall 2003 P r o b l e m S e t 2 1. Problem 4.3 2. You are asked to prove that S for an irreversible, adiabatic process is always > 0. Consider the following closed system cyclic process for an ideal gas. I. An irreversible, adiabatic expansion from point 1at T A , P A to point 2 at T B , P B where T A > T B
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Unformatted text preview: PdV work, sketch a possible cyclic path for steps I –III on a P-V diagram. (b) Using the exact differential, state function characteristics of S prove that ∆ S for step I is always > 0 for an ideal gas expanding adiabatically and irreversibly from point 1 at T A , P A to point 2 at T B ,P B (c) Is ∆ S for step I > 0 for a non-ideal gas as well? Explain your answer. 3. Problem 4.18 Be sure to state and justify all assumptions made 9/2/03...
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