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ps3 (1) - Derive the Fresnel formula for a transverse...

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2.58J, HW# 3, 1. Problem 2.6 (problem 1 from HW#2) 2. Problem 3.31 (problem 3 from HW#2) 3. Monte Carlo code (problem 5 from HW#2) 4. Surface Emissivity . The refractive index of silicon at 0.63 µ m is (3.882, 0.019), calculate the surface reflectivity, transmissivity, and emissivity of a semi-infinite silicon wafer (a) at normal incidence, (b) at 30 o angle of inidence, and (c) 60 o angle of incidence for both TE and TM waves. Also, estimate the penetration depth for normal incidence. 5. Fresnel Formula for TE Wave
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Unformatted text preview: . Derive the Fresnel formula for a transverse electric wave incident onto a plane surface, 6. Tunneling of Photons . A vacuum gap of 0.2 µ m is formed between two glass substrates. Plot the transmissivity of light from one glass substrate into another as a function of angle of incidence for an incident TM wave at 0.5 µ m. The refractive index of the glass is taken as 1.46. Compare the results with the situation if a thin film of glass of 0.2 µ m is sandwiched between vacuum....
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