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Fall 2004 ICE Topics: Process Control by Design 10.492 Problem Set 1: Examining the Energy Balance For this problem set, I will accept submissions with one or two names. (1) Beginning with the simplified energy balance for the shower F c T = F h T h + T c F h + F F h + F c c fill in the missing steps to derive the linearized energy balance T F hr + T F T F hr + T F hr hr cr cr F T = cr cr + T hr ( F + F ) ( F F hr )+ F hr ( T T hr ) hr + F F hr + F 2 h F hr + F h cr cr hr cr cr T T F hr + T F + F hr + cr F hr cr 2 cr c cr cr c cr ( F + F ) ( F F )+ F ( T T ) F hr + F cr hr cr cr (please use the nomenclature of the Lecture Notes) (2) Specify practical reference conditions for each of the variables in the energy balance. For example, we know that a shower is more than a trickle and less than a torrent – what is a reasonable flowrate? We will regard these reference values as the desired operating condition for our process, and thus they should satisfy the steady state M&EB. (please use the nomenclature of the Lecture Notes)
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