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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2004 ICE Topics: Process Control by Design 10.492 Problem Set 4: Simulation of the Controlled Shower For this problem set, I will accept submissions with one or two names. (1) The notes present a linear model for the shower, operating under proportional control. The hot flow F h is manipulated to control the total flow F, and the cold flow F c to control T. This model is then examined for the limiting case of no interaction – i.e., when the RGA elements for the paired variables are equal to 1. In a similar manner, derive the opposite limiting case, in which the RGA elements for the paired variables are equal to 0. Present the equations you derive, and discuss their implication for disturbance response, set point response, interaction between control loops, and the effect of controller gain settings. The purpose of both these derivations is to learn how conclusions you would draw from the RGA (a screening tool used early in design) are borne out in simulation of the process (a more detailed...
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