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Fall 2004 ICE Topics: Process Control by Design 10.492 Problem Set 6: calculating the HX network base case For this problem set, each student should submit individual work. Here’s the network: W 1 T 6 T 5 T 4 T 1 T 9 T 7 E101 E102 E103 1 1 9 7 E101 E102 T 8 W 2 T 2 W 3 T 3 2 K These are all unspecified organic liquid streams. Let all the heat capacities be simply 2500 J kg -1 -1 , all the heat transfer coefficients 250 W m -2 K -1 , and all the heat exchangers 117 m 2 . The inlet streams are W1: 8.0 kg s -1 , 248°C W2: 9.0 kg s -1 , 138°C W3: 5.5 kg s -1 , 102°C (1) Calculate the unknown temperatures and heat duties at steady-state. (2) Imagine that you are employed in a process engineering group. You and your colleagues
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Unformatted text preview: provide both design and technical support to plant operating departments. Each of you routinely writes a weekly summary of your activities; these are collected by the supervisor and circulated to the group. By this means, each of you is better acquainted with the overall mission, as well as informed where experience and expertise may be found within the group. Accompany your result in (1) with such a summary explanation of your method, suitable for colleagues in a technical group. revised 2004 Nov 23 Dr. Barry S. Johnston, Copyright 2004. 1...
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