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Fall 2004 ICE Topics: Process Control by Design 10.492 Problem Set 8: alternative HX network RGA and DC For this problem set, work with one or two names will be accepted. In PSet 7, you designed 2 alternative HX networks: bypass W 1 T 6 T 5 T 4 T 1 T 9 T 7 E101 E102 E103 φ W 3 T 7a 1 1 9 7 E101 E102 E103 3 7a T 8 W 2 T 2 W 3 T 3 2 trim HX W 1 T 6 T 5 T 4 T 1 T 9 T 7 E101 E102 E103 T 7a E104 T 11 W u T 10 1 1 9 7 E101 E102 E103 7a E104 11 u 10 T 8 W 2 T 2 W 3 T 3 2 For each of your network designs, (1) compute the RGA and select the most promising pairing of CV and MV. (2) compute the DC for all combinations of -, 0, + variations of the four disturbance variables. Identify the worst disturbance conditions. Verify that your manipulated variables are sized to overcome the disturbances.
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Unformatted text preview: As before: all heat capacities 2500 J kg-1 K-1 all heat transfer coefficients 250 W m-2 K-1 (inputs) W 1r : 8.2 kg s-1 T 1r :250°C T 2r :136°C T 3r :100°C T 10 : 180°C (we will presume that T 10 is not disturbed from this value) (outputs) T 6r : 129.3°C T 8r : 223.4°C T 9r : 168.8°C It may happen that a design decision you made in PSet 7 will prove in PSet 8 to be unworkable. In this case, RGA and DC are telling you something useful, and you may change your design to improve matters. revised 2004 Nov 30 Dr. Barry S. Johnston, Copyright 2004. 1...
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