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Chemistry 5.68J Chemical Kinetics Spring Term 2003 Chem. Eng. 10.652J Kinetics of Chemical Reactions Problem Set #5 Due: April 24, 2003 1. CKD Problem 4.8 (it will help to read Section 4.7 in the text first!) 2. CKD Problem 5.2 The term about two-thirds of the way through the equation in part (c) should read " … + k -1 X 0 × ( k 3 + k -2 Y 0 )+ … " ,not "… + k -1 X 0 +( k 3 + k -2 Y 0 )+ … " 3. CKD Problem 5.4 (Give at least one mechanism consistent with the data provided in the problem. The JACS references will be useful!) 4. CKD Problem 15.3 5. CHEMKIN Sensitivity and Flux Analysis Problem Motivation: Researchers are considering combining the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction CO + H 2 O with a high temperature membrane separation as a possible way to make pure H 2 at high temperatures and pressures. (Normally, the WGS reaction is run at low temperatures where the equilibrium is more towards the products H 2 +CO 2 , but it is inefficient to have to cool the
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