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Spring 2006 10.491 Integrated Chemical Engineering Process Design Team Final Report THE DESIGN REPORT The design report represents the culmination of the work of the design engineer. Its importance can hardly be overemphasized because the acceptance of its conclusions and recommendations by management depends so strongly on the impression it makes. An excellent plant design is not very useful if its presentation fails to convince management that the project should be undertaken. Therefore the design report should be written with the reader in mind. It should convince the reader that The work was done well. The conclusions and recommendations are reasonable and valid. To this end the report should Present conclusions and recommendations clearly and convincingly; Justify properly major decision such as the flowsheet selection; Describe accurately and clearly (these are not the same) the development of ideas and the methods employed in arriving at the final design. Since the reader is so important, the writer must consider Who will read the report? Why? What are the responsibilities of the reader? How much background information does the reader have? What is his/her technical competence? A PROCEDURE FOR PREPARING THE REPORT 1. Define the subject matter, scope of the work, and intended audience. Try to envision what each of these needs in the report. 2. Prepare a checklist for the report. 3. Prepare an outline, listing actual headings and subheadings. Under each subdivision list the topics to be discussed. 4. Expand the outline in one or more steps. Write a sentence or two under each subdivision summarizing the ideas or information to be discussed. 5. Write the first draft. Do not pay too much attention to grammar or style – concentrate on saying what needs to be said. 6. Revise and polish the first draft. If possible lay it aside for a few days, then review it again and polish. If time is short, have someone other than the author criticize the writing. 7. Get report typed, PROOF READ, and check all details carefully. Note: you most likely will run out of time, so be forewarned and prepare a schedule at the onset providing ample time to assemble the report. Don’t cut short the time for the report unless absolutely necessary. ICE 10.491 1 of 4 Spring 2006
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OUTLINE OF THE REPORT LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL – This cover letter indicates the purpose and reports the results specifically requested. Address it to the commissioner of the report.
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report_details - Spring 2006 10.491 Integrated Chemical...

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