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10.571/12.806 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Final Exam Assigned 9 th May 2006 Due Date 18 th May 2006 (No later than 5:00 pm) Instructions 1. The exam is open book, open notes. There are 3 pages in this exam. 2. You can use notes, problem sets and computer programs used in the course 3. The only people you can ask for help or clarification are the instructors Gregory McRae, Ron Prinn, or the teaching assistant. 4. You have 16 working hours to complete the exam. Please write how long you took (you can take less than the allotted time!) on your exam solution. 5. There are 2 Questions on the exam, each of equal weight. Please make sure that you clearly describe your reasoning and identify the answer. If you cannot complete a question at least lay out a path for how you might solve the problem. Page 1 of 3
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10.571/12.806 Take Home Exam Problem Number 1 – Atmospheric Chemistry of Ethanol (100 points) Considerable research effort in the United States, Europe, and Japan is being directed towards developing an ‘‘ethanol economy’’ in which ethanol would be expected to replace a large fraction of oil that is currently used for transportation fuel. At present ethanol in the US is mostly made from corn and in Brazil from sugar cane. In the US typically only the corn kernels are used for ethanol production but there are opportunities to improve the fuel yield by processing the primary cellulosic components like the stalks
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t_hm_exam - 10.571/12.806 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics...

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