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Chemistry 5.04 (F08) Practice Problem Set Practice vibrational and MO problems for the exam 1. Chatt prepared the dinitrogen complexes, trans -Mo(N 2 ) 2 (PR 3 ) 4 in which the surprising result of two π -acid ligands coordinate trans to each other. Build the MO diagram for the complex. Draw the frontier d-orbital MOs and indicate the HOMO and LUMO orbitals. 2. Shown below are two electronically different metal carbides. Use MO arguments to address the following: a. Draw the HOMO for each complex. b. Explain the vacant site trans to the carbide atom in the square pyramidal, Ru complex. c. How many pi electrons are donated from the anilides into the metal in the moly complex (assume that for each sp 2 hybirdized N-atom the tert -butly group point up, towards the apical carbide, and the aryl groups point down). Do the anilides and carbide compete for π
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5_04_f08_ps5 - MIT OpenCourseWare http:/ocw.mit.edu 5.04...

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