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17 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Organic Chemistry 5.13 October 20 and 23, 2006 Prof. Timothy F. Jamison Notes for Lectures 17 and 18 From Woodward, R. B.; Hoffmann, R., The Conservation of Orbital Symmetry Figure 28 removed due to copyright restrictions. Please see: Woodward, R. B., R. Hoffmann.
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Unformatted text preview: The Conservation of Orbital Symmetry . [Weinheim/Bergstr.], Verlag Chemie, 1970. Woodward-Hoffmann Rules for Sigmatropic Rearrangments Stereochemical Course # Electrons Thermal Mode Photochemical Mode 4n + 2 [s,s] [s,a] 4n [s,a] [s,s]...
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