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5.111 Lecture Summary #1 Review of Fundamentals: This material will not be explicitly covered in class. The intent of assigning this reading is to provide a brief review of relevant high-school-level material. Review by next Friday: Sections A.1 (pgs F1-F10), B.3-B.4 (F18-F21), C (F23- F28), D (F30-F36), E (F38-F44), F(F46-F50), G(F52-F59), H (F61-F64), L (F85-91), and M (F93-F100). Read for Lecture #2: Sections A.2-A.3 (pgs F10-F13) – Force and Energy, Sections B.1- B.2 (pgs F15-F18) – Elements and Atoms , Section 1.1 (pgs 1-3) – The Nuclear Atom. Assignment: Problem set #1 due on Session #5. Topics: I. Introduction to chemical principles II. Course policies (see general information handout) III. Introduction to the 5.111 teaching team 5.111 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMICAL SCIENCE Fall 2008 This subject deals primarily with the fundamental principles and concepts of chemistry. There are three lectures and two recitations each week. In addition to homework assignments, three hour-long examinations and a regularly scheduled final examination are given. TEXT: Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight 4th Edition; Peter Atkins and Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Chemical Principles , 4th Ed. INSTRUCTORS
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lecnotes01 - MIT OpenCourseWare http/ocw.mit.edu 5.111...

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