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__________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 5.111 Lecture Summary #17 Readings for today: Section 7.1 – Spontaneous Change, Sections 7.2 and 7.8 - Entropy, Sections 7.12, 7.13, and 7.15 – Free Energy. Read for Lecture #18: Section 7.16 – Free-Energy Changes in Biological Systems. (Assigned sections in chapter 7 are the same for the 3 rd and the 4 th ed . Topics: Thermodynamics I. Enthalpies of reactions: calculating H r ° (continued from Lecture #16) II. Spontaneous change and free energy III. Entropy IV. Free energy of formation Clicker question: review of hybridization Hybridization in complex molecules. Example: the morphine rule Morphine, a potent and addictive analgesic (“painkiller”), and related molecules share a characteristic set of four features referred to as the morphine rule: Morphine Demerol These molecules mimic the action of (and have structural similarities to) endorphins. HC HC C H C CH H C C H 2 C C H 2 N a b 1) phenyl ring 2) _______ C 4) _______ N 3) CH 2 CH 2 C C C CH H C CH 2 HC CH C H CH HO H 2 C CH 2 N CH 3 HO O HC HC C CH CH H C C H 2 H 2 C N C H 2 CH 2 C H 3 C O OCH 2 CH 3 I. ENTHALPIES OF CHEMICAL REACTIONS (continued from Lecture #16) USING HESS’S LAW TO CALCULATE H r Enthalpy is a “STATE” FUNCTION, which means H is __________________ of path.
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lecnotes17 - MIT OpenCourseWare http/ocw.mit.edu 5.111...

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