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20.1 5.111 Lecture Summary #20 CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM Chapter 9 sections 9.10-9.13 Topics: External effects on K and sig figs for logs. Recall Principle of Le Châtelier: A system in equilibrium that is subjected to stress will react in a way that tends to minimize the effect of the stress. CHANGING THE VOLUME A decrease in the volume of a gaseous system causes an increase in the total pressure. Le Châtelier's principle predicts that the system would respond, if possible, in such a way as to reduce the total pressure. Example 2P 2 (g) P 4 (g) A decrease in volume shifts the reaction to the right (toward product). This occurs because for every 2 molecules of P 2 consumed only 1 molecule of P 4 is formed. A shift to the right reduces the total pressure, partially compensating for the external stress of the volume change. expand compress Now Consider in terms of Q and K. Suppose the volume is decreased by a factor of 2 at constant temperature. This will increase the partial pressure of P 2 by 2 and of P 4 by 2, initially. P
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