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MT4 - Massachusetts In stitute o f Te ch n ology 5.13 O rga...

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Hour Exam #4 December 5, 2003 Printed Name ________________________ Signature ___________________________ MIT ID # ___________________________ Recitation TA ________________________ General Instructions: This is a closed book exam. No books, notes, or calculators allowed. You are allowed to use molecular models. Make sure that your exam has 12 pages (including cover, a blank page for extra work, and a periodic table). Write your name on each page. Write answers in the spaces provided. If you run out of room, use the blank page and indicate this for your grader . Show all of your work if you wish to receive partial credit. Read the instructions carefully , and budget your time. GOOD LUCK!! 1__________/ 5 _____ 2__________/ 9 _____ 3__________/ 12 _____ 4__________/ 10 _____ 5__________/ 10 _____ 6__________/ 10 _____ 7__________/ 10 _____ 8__________/ 10 _____ 9__________/ 12 _____ 10_________/ 12 _____ Total ___________ (out of 100 points) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5.13: Organic Chemistry II Dr. Sarah A. Tabacco
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Name_______________ 2 2. (3 points each, 9 points total) In the boxes, please provide the reagents for the illustrated transformations. More than one step may be required. a) b) c) O O O O NH O O O Me Me Me Me H H H H H 1. (5 points, all or nothing) Please rank the following species by carbocation stability.
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