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1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Organic Chemistry 5.13 Wednesday, October 26, 2005 Prof. Timothy F. Jamison Hour Exam #2 Name _________________________________________________ (please both print and sign your name) Official Recitation Instructor ____________________________________ Directions: Closed book exam, no books, notebooks, notes, etc. allowed. Calculators are not permitted for this exam. However, rulers and molecular model sets are permitted. Please read through the entire exam before beginning, in order to make sure that you have all the pages and in order to gauge the relative difficulty of each question. Budget your time accordingly. Show all of your work if you wish to receive partial credit. You should have 7 pages total: 5 exam pages including this page and 2 blank pages for scratchwork. Question: Grader: 1. ________/ 42 points (page 2) _______ 1. ________/ 30 points (page 3) _______ 2. ________/ 28 points _______ Total: _________/ 100 points _______ SOLUTIONS
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1. (72 points total, 3points per box) in each box below, draw the structure of the reagent or major product of the reaction, where appropriate. If no reaction occurs, put a large X in the box.
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pract_xam_2_key - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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