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1.12.07 - • Simulation-Reality • Rehearsal-Spontaneity...

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1/12/07 Theatre Theatre is a performance that places human experience before a group of people- an audience- in the present moment. For theatre to happen, two groups of people, actors and audience, must come together at a certain time in a certain place. o Limits theatre as opposed to film because it has to be at a certain time and place o With a crowd it’s more entertaining than alone. Theatre’s Immediacy Theatre is one of the most immediate ways of experiencing another’s concept of life- of what it means to be human. Theatre’s Aliveness Theatre is a living art form, continually before us in present time until that final moment of the play. Theatre is more difficult to see because you have to see it in a certain time and place. In many ways theatre parallels life. We have a collective presence. Four Essential Parallels between Theatre and Life Actors------------------------Humanity
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Unformatted text preview: • Simulation-------------------Reality • Rehearsal--------------------Spontaneity • Audiences-------------------Society Theatre’s Doubleness • Shakespeare said it best in As You like It : “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Theatrical Illusion • Theatre creates the illusion, as we watch, that we are sharing an experience with others for the first time. • Aristotle? • Suspending one’s disbelief? We know it’s not real but at the same time we get lost in the magic and fiction that it creates. • Three elements of theatre: actor, stage, audience Theatre’s Spaces • Theatron o The “seeing place” or special place • What are the three basic components of theatre? o Actors o Space o Audience • What are the two basic components of theatre space? o Stage- Place for the actors o Auditorium- Place for the audience...
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