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1/12/07 Theatre Theatre is a performance that places human experience before a group of people- an audience- in the present moment. For theatre to happen, two groups of people, actors and audience, must come together at a certain time in a certain place. o Limits theatre as opposed to film because it has to be at a certain time and place o With a crowd it’s more entertaining than alone. Theatre’s Immediacy Theatre is one of the most immediate ways of experiencing another’s concept of life- of what it means to be human. Theatre’s Aliveness Theatre is a living art form, continually before us in present time until that final moment of the play. Theatre is more difficult to see because you have to see it in a certain time and place. In many ways theatre parallels life. We have a collective presence. Four Essential Parallels between Theatre and Life Actors------------------------Humanity
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Unformatted text preview: Simulation-------------------Reality Rehearsal--------------------Spontaneity Audiences-------------------Society Theatres Doubleness Shakespeare said it best in As You like It : All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players. Theatrical Illusion Theatre creates the illusion, as we watch, that we are sharing an experience with others for the first time. Aristotle? Suspending ones disbelief? We know its not real but at the same time we get lost in the magic and fiction that it creates. Three elements of theatre: actor, stage, audience Theatres Spaces Theatron o The seeing place or special place What are the three basic components of theatre? o Actors o Space o Audience What are the two basic components of theatre space? o Stage- Place for the actors o Auditorium- Place for the audience...
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