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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Organic Chemistry 5.512 April 8, 2005 Prof. Rick L. Danheiser Unit 4 Stereocontrolled 1,2-Addition to Carbonyl Groups l i l l l i l l l i l iti i Al l l l l l l General Principles Substrate Contro : 1,2-Induct on by Mo ecu ar Framework Substrate Contro : 1,3-Induct on by Mo ecu ar Framework Addition of "Unstabilized" Carbon Nucleophiles Reagent Contro : Organoz nc and Re ated Add on React ons
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Unformatted text preview: ky , A keny , and A kyny Meta Compounds Asymmetric Induction by the Molecular Framework Reviews: "Around and Beyond Cram's Rule" Mengel, A.; Reiser, O. Chem. Rev. 1999 , 99 , 1191 O O Nu Nu HOMO LUMO Figure removed due to copyright reasons. C-O * C-O O Nu Brgi-Dunitz Trajectory...
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