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08_part2_outline - 7 Curtin-Hammett Principle 8 Principle...

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry 5.43: Advanced Organic Chemistry Spring 2007 Outline of Part II M. Movassaghi II. Elucidating Reaction Mechanisms A. Background 1. Reaction Mechanism 2. Thermodynamics vs. Kinetics 3. Energy Diagrams 4. Rate-Determining Step 5. Kinetic Control vs. Thermodynamic Control 6. Hammond Postulate
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Curtin-Hammett Principle 8. Principle of Microscopic Reversibility B. Rate Data 1. Rate Law 2. Activation Parameters 3. Kinetic Isotope Effects 4. Solvent Effects C. Product Studies 1. Isotopic Labeling 2. Stereochemistry D. Studies of Intermediates 1. Detection 2. Trapping 3. Isolation...
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