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exam3 - Name(print EID The UNIVERSITY of TEXAS at AUSTIN...

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Name (print): EID: The UNIVERSITY of TEXAS at AUSTIN DEPARTMENT of MATHEMATICS MATH 340L MIDTERM EXAMINATION 2B November 10, 2011 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This exam is 8 pages long. There are 7 questions. 2. All questions must be answered in the space provided. Indicate your answer clearly. Should you need extra space, ask for paper from the proctor. 3. Show all of your work and explain your answers fully unless directed otherwise. Un- justified, irrelevant, and illegible answers will receive little or no credit. 4. Do not unstaple the exam booklet. 5. One double-sided page of notes is permitted. However, calculators, phones, and other aids are forbidden.
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Math 340L Midterm exam 2B November 10, 2011 1. Determine whether each of the following statements is true or false. You do not need to justify your answers. (a) (2 points) Let A be an m × n matrix. Then dim row( A ) + dim nul( A ) = n. True False (b) (2 points) Let A be a 3 × 3 matrix with real entries. Then A has at least one real eigenvalue.
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