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St. John’s University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Course MTH 1210 Homework #2 Feb 15’07 NAME___________________ PROBLEMS INVOLVING CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY #1 Women Joggers . In a certain area, 15% of the population are joggers and 40% of the joggers are women. If 55% of those who do not jog are women, find the probabilities that an individual from that community fits the following descriptions. ( a) A woman jogger ( b ) Not a jogger ( c ) A woman #2 Color blindness . The table below shows frequencies for red-green color blindness . _ ___ __|_ M ____|___ M ___|_ Totals C | 0.035 | 0.004 | 0.039 Notations : M represents “person is male”, ------------------------------------------- C represents “person is color-blind” _ | | | _ _ C | 0.452 | 0.509 | 0.961 M and C represent the events ------------------------------------------- complementary to
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Unformatted text preview: M and C . Totals | 0.487 | 0.513 | 1.000 Use this table to find the following probabilities. (a) P(M) (b) P(C) (c) P(M∩C) (d) P(M U C) (e) P(M|C) (f) P(C|M) #3 Driver’s License Test . The Motor Vehicle Department (DMV) has found that the probability of a person passing the test for a driver’s license on the first try is 0.75 . The probability that an individual who fails on the first test will pass on the second try is 0.80 , and the probability that an individual who fails the first and the second tests will pass the third time is 0.70 . Find the probabilities that an individual will do the following. (a) Fail both the first and the second tests. (b) Fail three times in a row. (c) Require at least two tries. (Draw and use a tree diagram.) Show ALL your work for partial or full credit ....
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