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Course MTH 1210 Homework #6 (answers) ( Sampling distribution of sample means ) Apr 4’10 Use the MS Excel program Three_distributions.xls, sheet 3; see handout #9 5.3.1 , pg. 139, textbook . The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 1988-1994 (NHANES III, A-1) estimated the mean serum cholesterol level for U.S. females aged 20-74 years to be 204 mg/dl . The estimate of the standard deviation was approximately 44 . Using these estimates as the mean µ and the standard deviation σ for the U.S. population, consider the sampling distribution of the sample mean based on samples of size 50 drawn from women of this age group. What is the mean of the sampling distribution? The standard error ? _ __ ANS: µ x_mean = µ = 204 ; σ x_mean = σ/√n = 44/√50 = 6.2225397 5.3.3 , pg. 139, textbook . If the uric acid values in normal adult males are approximately normally distributed with a mean and standard deviation of 5.7 and 1 mg percent, respectively, find the probability that a sample of size
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homework_6_ans - Course MTH 1210...

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