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Problems for handout_14

Problems for handout_14 - per 100ml of patients seen in...

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Problems for handout_14.doc // See Biostatistics textbook, pg. 189 Use the program Determination of sample size.xls, sheet 1 and handout_14 to solve the following problems. 6.7.2. The director of the rabies control section in a city health department wishes to draw a sample from the department’s records of dog bytes reported during the past year in order to estimate the mean age of persons beaten. He wants a 95 percent confidence interval, he will be satisfied to let d = 2.5 , and from previous studies he estimates the population standard deviation to be about 15 years. How large a sample should be drawn? 6.7.3. A physician would like to know the mean fasting blood glucose value (milligrams
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Unformatted text preview: per 100ml) of patients seen in diabetes clinic over the past 10 years. Determine the number of records the physician should examine in order to obtain a 90 percent confidence interval for μ if the desired width of the interval is 6 units and a pilot sample yields a variance of 60 . 6.7.4. For multiple sclerosis patients we wish to estimate the mean age at which the disease was first diagnosed. We want a 95 percent confidence interval that is 10 years wide. If the population variance is 90 , how large should the sample be?...
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