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npb101 syllabus - SYSTEMIC PHYSIOLOGY Fall 2011 NPB 101 CRN...

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1 SYSTEMIC PHYSIOLOGY Fall 2011 NPB 101 CRN 73072 MTWRF 4:10 - 5:00 PM 123 Science Lecture Hall INSTRUCTORS Dr. Charles A. Fuller 280H Briggs E-mail: (Course Director) Office hrs: Tue/Thur 5-6pm, 197 Briggs (during lecture weeks), or by Appt. Dr. Lauren Liets 2011 SLB E-mail: Office hrs: Tue 8:30-9:30am / Thur 12-1pm (during lecture weeks) (Additional office hrs: by announcement) Dr. W. Jeffrey Weidner 195 Briggs E-mail: Office hrs: Thur 2-3pm or by Appt. (Additional office hrs: 197 Briggs by announcement) TA: Monica Watson 274 Briggs E-mail: Office hrs: Tue/Thur 2-3pm, 274 Briggs, or by Appt. PREREQUISITE Biological Sciences 1A or 2A and Chemistry 2B (per course website) (Physics 1B or 7C strongly recommended) REQUIRED TEXT Title: Human Physiology: from Cells to Systems Author, publisher: Sherwood, Thomson/Brooks/Cole; 7th edition, 2010 Reading assignments will consist of required and recommended readings. o Required readings are different because exam questions may be generated directly from required readings, whether or not the material was presented in lecture. o Recommended readings encompass material relevant to lectures, but (unless covered in class) will not be specifically covered by exam questions. Copies of the textbook and additional reading material (if any) are on 2-hour reserve in Shields Library. PDFs ... MP3s ... and COURSE WEBSITE For those lectures presented as power-point slides, PDF files of these slides will be posted on the UCD SmartSite website ( ). By printing these out before lecture, you can spend more time listening to the lectures, and take notes only when you feel necessary. We will try to podcast all lectures and post the MP3 files on SmartSite. We do not recommend relying on these recordings in lieu of attending and taking notes during lecture. Announcements, supplemental slides, topical outlines, reading assignments, etc. will also be made available on SmartSite. You will need to check SmartSite regularly. SmartSite offers several capabilities that will not be actively utilized.
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npb101 syllabus - SYSTEMIC PHYSIOLOGY Fall 2011 NPB 101 CRN...

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