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16 September 2011 NPB132 term papers There will be two papers – an initial draft, which will be graded and then a final version incorporating revisions based on comments from the instructors and TAs. The initial and final drafts will each be worth 20% of the total grade. Topics – anything related to weight. Papers can be mechanistic and include only studies in animal models or they can focus on treatment or mechanisms in humans. Papers from the lectures can be used to count for two of your references. Basic Draft – minimum 1000 student written words Final version – minimum 2000 student written words Minimum 4/8 draft/final peer-reviewed references (these do not count toward word total). Peer-reviewed means published in a scientific journal. Committee reports from WHO, NIH and others do not count. All papers in PubMed count. At least one quote or figure from each paper. Quotes cannot be from the abstract. Quotes are not included in the word count Specific suggestions for papers including human studies Describe the type of study – randomized intervention, case-control, longitudinal, cohort, crossover, survey or case report. Give number of subjects, sex, ethnicity, and length of the study if longitudinal. Give p-values for main tests. For diets describe macronutrients. Inclusion/exclusion criteria. For instance, if you’re writing about an exercise study, then did the investigators include people with BMI >30, or >35 or >40? Or did they restrict the study to people with BMIs less than some cut-point? What does this then mean for the conclusions? Evaluate!
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NPB132suggestionspapers2011a - 16 September 2011 NPB132...

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