Lecture 4 - REV Distribution of important ions REV REV Ionic basis of Vrest REV Is a voltage characteristic of a living membrane REV:Ionic basis of

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Unformatted text preview: REV: Distribution of important ions REV: REV: Ionic basis of Vrest REV: Is a voltage characteristic of a living membrane? REV:Ionic basis of Vrest (cont’d) (cont -70mV Na+ - K+ ATPase (pump) Fig. 3-17, p. 72 Ionic basis of Vrest - Summary Ionic • The ions are distributed differently inside and outside the cell. • The cell is more negative inside relative to outside. • Sodium and potassium are constantly trickling in and out, respectively, according to their electrochemical gradients and the permeability of the membrane to the two ions. • The ionic concentrations are maintained by the sodium/potassium ATPase, although this pump does not, itself, contribute significantly to the resting membrane potential. Changes in Membrane Potential Changes Fig. 4‐1, p. 88 Neuronal Communication – Action Potentials Neuronal ...
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