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11. What are the major weapons or tactics available to unions to put pressure on employers (give an example of the extremes of union power). How do employers counter these union weapons? Unions have several weapons available to them to pressure employers. First, they can have strikes in which they get everyone to not work. An employer can counter a strike by hiring replacements or by shutting down since both of those result in undesirable effects on workers. The next thing a union can do is to control the supply of labor through trying to limit immigration or the number of people trained to do a certain job. Caesar Chavez was among the union leaders who tried to limit immigration and a classic example of controlling the number of people trained for a profession is how the AMA limits the number of students medical schools are allowed to train, something that is not done with law schools and has
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Unformatted text preview: resulted in increased numbers of lawyers. There is not a whole lot employers can do about this besides trying to lobby for increased immigration or increased training opportunities. Political activities is the third weapon and refers to getting people elected who will be in favor of a union. Again, the union can counter this by doing the same thing and engaging in political activities themselves. The last weapon is a consumer boycott. This is when the union tries to tell consumers to buy union approved goods and shun union demonized goods. Extremes of union power exist in construction craftsmen unions like carpenters since they can just move and also utility companies like electric companies since they still get money when workers strike....
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