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B. Can a farm worker be fired for crossing a picket line established by a union to bolster a strike? Unions can require employers to fire workers that cross picket lines during a strike. An example of this is the United Farm Worker’s constitution requiring its members to honor authorized picket lines. If members cross the picket line and then when the strike is over there is a contract signed with the employer that includes the good standing clause the workers who were pro strike and did not cross the picket line can file charges against the ones
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Unformatted text preview: that did. After charges are filed, there is a committee that will hold a trial and can declare the picket line crossing worker to be in bad standing and order him fired. He can appeal this to UFW boards. However, if a union wants the right to have picket line crossers fired, they are required to let workers resign from the union and also the trials have to be fair....
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