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are9 - hire only union members is gone so the employer can...

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The B. Explain how “good standing” can create a trade off between the goods of (1) individual worker rights and (2) union security and solidarity. How does good standing differ in CA agriculture (ALRA) and the nonfarm sector (NLRA)? Good standing is what workers must be in to be members of the union and since the employer must employ union members it affects all employees who work at a place represented by a union. The good standing clause sacrifices some individual worker rights in order to make a more cohesive union. When there are disagreements over whether to strike or not, the clause can encourage workers to go along with the union through clauses that fine strike breakers. However, as soon as a strike is in place, the requirement that the employer
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Unformatted text preview: hire only union members is gone so the employer can hire anyone. If an employee resigns from the union he can cross a picket line without being assessed fines but often workers do not understand this. In general, the rule that members must be in good standing to essentially keep their jobs works to get all workers to work together given that the additional requirements to be in good standing get voted in. It is very different in agriculture as opposed to the NLRA since in agriculture the union is allowed to impose additional requirements beyond simply paying union dues. In the NLRA, a worker is in good standing simply by paying their fees....
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