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The three cases given in the question were all cases in which an employer wanted to mechanize. In Murphy, they were growing tomatoes and the employer wanted to save money by mechanizing. He did everything an employer is supposed to do and gave the UFW a study on why it made economic sense for Murphy to mechanize tomato harvesting but the UFW did not bargain with Murphy so when Murphy did not get a response Murphy mechanized and offered to bargain over the effects instead of the decision since the UFW had already failed to bargain over a decision. They were charged with an 1153e violation by the UFW but it did not hold since Murphy proved he had tried to bargain over it. In the next case, Lu-ett, they decided to implement a new system of picking melons without trying to bargain with the UFW. The change was that workers would put melons onto big conveyer belts in the field so
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Unformatted text preview: that the employer now had some control over the rate of work as opposed to in the past when workers simply picked melons without conveyer belts and used a piece rate system. The ALRB decided that it was ok for Lu-ette to change how they wanted workers to pick melons without talking it over with the union since they were not firing workers but that they should have talked with the union about what sorts of changes they should make over the effects. That is, they needed to discuss remuneration since the compensation system changed from piece rates to hourly wages. The last case is Valdora and in this case they simply shut down their economically costly packaging center to save money while also eliminating jobs. Valdora was only required to bargain over the effects, which it offered to do. The union brought an 1153e charge anyway but the ALRB dismissed it....
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