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are6 - union and coming to a decision together before...

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5A. What types of business decisions must an employer bargain over (give examples). B. Explain the difference between decision and effects bargaining (give examples). Employers are required to bargain over decisions for which the effect on jobs is significant and where the benefits of bargaining would outweigh the costs and inconvenience the employer would face in having to bargain. An example is bargaining over the use of FLCs. Using FLCs can have a huge impact on jobs but does not really change the nature of the business much and is therefore a type of decision the employer is required to bargain over. Something an employer would not be required to bargain over would be closing down since, even though it results in job loss, it changes the nature of the business a lot in that it results in no more business. Decision and effects bargaining differ in that decision bargaining involves talking with the
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Unformatted text preview: union and coming to a decision together before implementing said decision and effects bargaining involves the employer implementing a decision and then bargaining with the union after implementation about the effect. Usually, decision bargaining is required for things that will have a direct effect on employee jobs such as hiring FLCs or mechanization. Effects bargaining favors the employer somewhat since the employer can implement its decision without consulting the union and usually employers can use effects bargaining when the decision is something that changes the business significantly. An example of something that would fall into effects bargaining would be if an employer wanted to switch from growing table grapes to growing flowers or if an employer wanted to shut down all together or even do a partial shut down....
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