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Illustrate and explain how a (1) partially effective farm worker strike and (2) a union- called consumer boycott can affect grower revenues and worker wages. B. Which tool— strikes or boycotts--is “best” for (1) employers and (2) farm workers? Partially effective farm worker strikes are strikes in which the supply is reduced along a fixed MC curve and a boycott is a weapon designed to reduce the demand by getting consumers to shun the good. Boycotts are better for farm workers since they do not have to strike and lose
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Unformatted text preview: out on wages but rather get to keep doing their jobs and only hurt the employer. Strikes are bad for both the employer and farm worker but not as bad for the employer since the employer can get replacement workers or counter the strike in other ways. Also, partially effective strikes might be able to increase the price of a good through a reduction of supply- the growers who are able to keep producing the good might in fact benefit from the strike economically....
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