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Can the UFW lawfully picket a restaurant to deter customers from patronizing it even if it does not know whether the restaurant is using commodities from the farm where it has a dispute (cite a case)? B. Can the UFW boycott a grocery store that sells grapes if it does not represent the grape workers on whose behalf it is picketing (cite a case)? On page 150 in Promises Unfulfilled there is a case very similar to the case posited in 14A. The UFW was picketing a restaurant for using eggs from a producer they did not like. The UFW represented workers from Egg City and those eggs were sold to Hidden Villa and then sold to Coco’s restaurant. The UFW was ok in picketing Coco’s since they are not
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Unformatted text preview: responsible for making sure that Coco’s actually sells eggs from Egg City. They are only required to not make up lies and to make it clear that they are upset with Egg City. The UFW cannot picket a grocery store if it does not represent the grape workers on whose behalf it is picketing. A case example of this is when the UFW picketed Von’s in California in the early 1990’s because they sold grapes from farms that the union did not represent but were displeased with. Von’s was allowed to file charges for ULP illegal picketing but the growers were not allowed to file such charges....
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